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TAYAO Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter High Accuracy Temperature Sensor, with a factory in Taiwan. which mainly produces all kinds of this products. Moreover, we can provide you with contract production or help you to develop and design new products according to your requirements. Now, our products are well sold in the world; customers are highly satisfied with our products.


High Accuracy Temperature Sensor
Type : High Accuracy Temperature Sensor



  1. Temperature measurement in household appliances such as coffee makers, water boilers, electric kettle, etc.
  2. Water or drinks storage tanks
  3. Machine tools, coffee machines and solar system
  4. Cognation system equipment


  1. Stainless steel SUS 304
  2. Single/multiple sensing locations
  3. Durable solution for water temperature detection
  4. Good coherence and Interchange capability, high precision of resistance


Thermal time constant 12 seconds max. (in oil)
Dissipation constant 3 mW/°C
Operating temperature range -40°C ~ +105°C
Maximum Permissible Power 5 mW
Insulation resistance DC500V
Hi-Pot Test AC1000V