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Since our establishment, we have developed from a small enterprise into a comprehensive group, an integrating manufacturer, a supplier and an exporter of Cooker Sensor. We are sure that our high quality products and excellent services will be appreciated by the growing list of satisfied customers. To contact us is the first step to build a long and successful business relationship with us.


Cooker Sensor
Type : Cooker Sensor



  1. Refrigeration and freezer
  2. Floor heating
  3. High humidity environment
  4. Severe environment


  1. Waterproof rating to IP68
  2. Excellent solution to moisture resistance
  3. Great performance in harsh freeze thaw cycles


Thermal time constant 15 seconds max. (in oil)
Dissipation constant 3 mW/°C
Operating temperature range -40°C ~ +105°C
Maximum Permissible Power 5 mW
Insulation resistance DC500V
Hi-Pot Test AC1800V