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We are a reputable and for over 20 years sucessful Taiwan manufacturer, supplier and exporter in High Temp Sensors. Our factory is furnished with complete equipments for a series of production procedures, it can provide over-all control in quality.Whether you seek a competitively priced quality product,or a fully tailored cable to meet your special requirements, we are always here to offer the high-quality cable with the best service.Welcome to visit our website to get more information about our products and accelerate our mutual understanding.


High Temp Sensors
Type : High Temp Sensors



  1. Measure the temperature of cooking foods
  2. Microwave Oven
  3. Food processing machines etc.
  4. Steam convection oven


  1. Stainless steel type 304
  2. Silicone Insulated Strands with Fiber-Glass Braid
  3. Sharp tip probe for food penetration
  4. Sting into the foods to measure the inside temperature
  5. High temperature and water proof
  6. Both low and high temperature models are available


Thermal time constant 10 seconds max. (in oil)
Dissipation constant 3 mW/°C
Operating temperature range -40°C ~ +220°C
Maximum Permissible Power 5 mW
Insulation resistance DC500V
Hi-Pot Test AC500V